Why are my mobile phone photos rubbish? It's a matter of perspective.

March 29, 2023  •  Leave a Comment


Welcome back.

So, why do some images look great and some just look less so?

Let's see how we can make mobile phone photos that much better, making you stand out from the blizzard of images on Socials feeds.

Most phones come with a multitude of lens configurations, with as many as three or four lenses. Covering ultra wide to telephoto beasts getting you really close to the subject. They all have a job to do and the camera's algorithm will help you sort out from wide to close in one move. 

But let's look at perspective, if you photograph your subject from above with the wide lens, the top will dominate the image while the bottom disappears into the distance. For example, this bottle shot from above on the wide angle lens of my phone.

AboveShot from above.

Conversely, subjects shot from the base will show the top disappearing into a point. This distorts the shape of the bottle.

BelowShot from below

The solution to this is to get level with the middle of the bottle, take a step or two back and use the zoom function, the bottle will then be in perspective. 

StraightShot from straight on.


This trick works across the board for numerous subject matters from food shots to portraits. 

Just as a note, the above shots where taken on my four year old Huaewi mobile with a white background (in my case, a plain sheet of paper) with a few adjustments in Snapseed on my phone.

So what's Snapseed...Tell you later.